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BioMed SA Helps Sponsor San Antonio Days at Shanghai World Expo
April 30, 2010

Starting this month, an estimated 70 million people from 192 countries and 42 international organizations will gather in China to celebrate the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in what is expected to be the largest human gathering in world history. 

Under the leadership of Mayor Julian Castro, City Councilwoman Elisa Chan and former Mayor Henry Cisneros, Chairman of BioMed SA, a delegation of San Antonio community and business leaders will travel to Shanghai to play an important part in this historic, global event. 

Through their efforts, our city will be featured at three “San Antonio Days” May 25-27 at the USA Pavilion.  The City’s goal in participating at this historic event is to forge relations with China and create business opportunities. 

As an early supporter and sponsor of the trip, BioMed SA will participate in the delegation to China to represent our membership and San Antonio’s overall healthcare and biosciences community.   We will stand alongside Mayor Castro and other local officials to raise international awareness of San Antonio’s unique biomedical assets. 

In addition, we will meet with leaders of biomedical companies and institutions and visit science and technology parks in the region. Our specific purpose will be to make connections and open doors on behalf of BioMed SA members who are doing or planning to do business in China. 

San Antonio has a successful history of creating and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with other countries, including Mexico, Canada, and Japan.  China is the largest and fastest growing economy in the world.  This trip at this time in history is well aligned with BioMed SA’s mission to raise awareness of San Antonio as a City of Science and Health.

Visit this site for updates on our progress!

Ann Stevens


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