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SA biotech company changing name and expanding business
December 8, 2016

CytoBioscience CEO James Garvin has high expectations for the biotech company, which is rebranding and expanding. (CARLOS JAVIER SANCHEZ | SABJ)

By W. Scott Bailey, San Antonio Business Journal

Cytocentrics is gone. The San Antonio-based company has changed its name and is expanding its operational strategy to grab a larger share of bioscience business in the United States and abroad.

The company's new name is CytoBioscience. It's new game plan could help raise San Antonio's profile in the biotech industry nationally and internationally.

James Garvin, CEO of CytoBioscience, which was founded in Germany and relocated its headquarters to San Antonio in 2015, said a confluence of multiple factors has led to the changes in name and scope.

"Our research work continues to broaden in a number of areas, including cancer and diabetes," he told me. "The alliances we now have with other research groups is widening our product mix."

Cytocentrics had built up momentum with its focus on ion channel work in the pharmaceutical arena. But Garvin said the time has come to adapt to market changes with a more diverse business model.

"The science and the technology is constantly creating change right in front of us," he said. "It means we will change. So our name needs to reflect that broader vision."

CytoBioscience will look to expand its role in the creation and manufacturing of devices targeting a convergence of bioscience, nano science, microchip development, algorithms and engineering activity. Garvin said those devices will allow more researchers, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies to better understand how human cells react to medicine.

The evolutionary change could also lead to the creation of new alliances. In addition, Gavin said CytoBioscience will explore potential acquisitions, which could give the San Antonio company more breadth and depth.

"You can expect us to grow and expand more," he said.



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