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San Antonio Bioscience Companies To Team Up On Critical Research
May 11, 2015

By W. Scott Bailey, San Antonio Business Journal

Two San Antonio-based bioscience companies - StemBioSys Inc. and Cardiovate Inc. - have agreed to work in tandem on new stem cell research that could have significant implications on regenerative medicine.

The two companies will seek to identify potential benefits from combining Cardiovate's proprietary NeoVessel graft technology with StemBioSys' High Performance Microenvironment (HPME) technology. The collaborative project is expected to last four to six months, and officials with the two entities believe combining their respective technologies may further enhance the performance of the NeoVessel vascular graft material.

StemBioSys President and CEO Bob Hutchens said this project provides an opportunity to "partner with a peer biotech company right here in San Antonio" on joint research that could benefit both organizations' respective research efforts. He expects that collaborating with Cardiovate will further enhance the value of StemBioSys' HPME platform and open up a broad range of of clinical and therapeutic applications for the companies' technologies.

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Cardiovate's NeoVessel technology has already shown positive results in animal studies, according to Hutchens, who said the decision by both companies to collaborate could further validate StemBioSys' HPME platform and lead to better clinical outcomes.

Cardiovate President and CEO Mark Standeford said his company will have an opportunity to increase the performance of its NeoVessel technology and significantly enhance its value in target market applications by utilizing the HPME platform.

If the project proves successful, StemBioSys and Cardiovate could pursue an expanded collaborative agreement.

Standeford said Cardiovate and StemBioSys will explore "how these two companies can work together in other applications."


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