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Sculley says San Antonio needs to attract more bioscience talent
October 4, 2013


City Manager Sheryl Sculley says San Antonio needs to attract more talent and capital to grow its bioscience industry. (Photo by Jim Lochhead, San Antonio Business Journal)

By W. Scott Bailey, San Antonio Business Journal

City Manager Sheryl Sculley has played a pivotal role in San Antonio's bioscience push, helping create the public support needed to attract more companies and talent. She is optimistic that the Alamo City can eventually become a top-tier player in the bioscience arena, but believes local stakeholders have plenty of work to do before San Antonio will give regions like Greater Boston or the Bay Area a real run for their money.

We asked Sculley what San Antonio leaders can do to promote more growth in the bioscience sector.

Q: Where is San Antonio in the evolution of its bioscience industry?
A: We have a lot of the ingredients here that are starting to come together. We have a number of things happening here.

Q: What is one of the more pressing areas that San Antonio leaders must address?
A: Talent. We need to make sure that we continue to attract and retain talent to support the entrepreneurs who are making the discoveries. We need to continue to support programs like the UTSA Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. That's one way we can grow the local talent.

Q: What are some of the brick-and-mortar challenges?
A: We need more incubator and accelerator facilities to support our local entrepreneurs. Texas Research & Technology Foundation is working on that with our university.

Q: There are well-recognized individuals in the bioscience industry who are not fully aware of San Antonio's accomplishments in the sector, who see the Alamo City as a tourist town. How do you tackle those perception issues?
A: We need to do a better job of leveraging our existing assets and delivering our message.

Q: How should San Antonio address Austin's push to grow its bioscience industry - at our expense?
A: I do think we need to be aware of and plan now for the fact that Austin is building a new medical school. There will be more competition for research dollars and talent. Austin is going to compete with San Antonio. We need to prepare for that now.


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