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Introducing Invictus Medical: A Challenger to the Recent Rise of Plagiocephaly
March 25, 2013

Invictus Medical, a San Antonio, Texas-based medical device company, has established itself in the realm of neonatology to combat the substantial increase in cases of deformational plagiocephaly (DP), a cranial deformity exhibited in infants resulting from repeated external pressure to one area of the head. In addition to being a cosmetic issue, DP has been associated with heightened risk for developmental delays in infants and toddlers. With a successful combination of award-winning technology, highly experienced leaders, and four recent professional partnerships, Invictus Medical is dedicated to providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions for the unmet needs of newborns, their caregivers, and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) professionals.

Invictus Medical's executive team of dedicated individuals has a wealth of expertise in the healthcare industry. This team, along with the professional partnerships that Invictus Medical has recently established, has positioned the company to make a large impact on the healthcare industry. Their first product utilizes innovative technology to combat the recent increase in cases of plagiocephaly, a condition highlighted in a 2013 article by Collett et al published in Pediatrics. According to this study, the prevalence of DP in the United States has increased from 5 percent of all newborns in the 1990s to between 20 percent and 30 percent at present.

The company's deep management bench, partnerships, innovative technology, and financial acumen will enable Invictus Medical to continue on its path to commercialization despite the recent 2.3 percent medical device excise tax. While this tax will likely have financial repercussions that continue for years, Invictus Medical is dedicated to working through any such challenges in striving toward its true focus: ensuring that children are able to attain their developmental milestones. Tom Roberts, Invictus Medical CEO says, "Although the 2.3 percent medical device excise tax presents an additional obstacle during a time of regulatory delays and market uncertainty, we at Invictus Medical will not allow this to deter us from accomplishing our mission of improving the lives of newborn infants who are at risk of developing cranial deformities."

About Invictus Medical
Invictus Medical is a San Antonio, Texas-based medical device company that aims to ensure that children are able to attain their developmental milestones. As evidenced by their award-winning innovations, Invictus Medical has been at the forefront of pediatric care since its founding in 2012. Invictus Medical is a privately held company.


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