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BioMed SA Expands Executive Committee, Re-elects Officers; Announces three key initiatives for 2013 to build on San Antonio’s growing stature in the biomedical sector
January 9, 2013

San Antonio (January 9, 2013) - BioMed SA, the non-profit organization responsible for promoting San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience industry, has re-elected officers for 2013 and expanded its Executive Committee (EC) to 24 members, adding four new seats to build capacity and broaden the organization's overall base of support.

Re-elected as officers for 2013 are Chair Kenneth P. Trevett, President and CEO of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute; Vice Chair Dr. Robert Gracy, Special Assistant to the President of UTSA; and Secretary/Treasurer Richard Perez, President and CEO of The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. Ann Stevens continues as BioMed SA President.

Executive Committee Members
Newly elected EC members for 2013 are Jaime Wesolowski, President and CEO of Methodist Healthcare System; Dennis Fallen, Chief Executive Officer of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center; Sharon Smith, Executive Director of the National Trauma Institute; and Col. Tim Cassidy, DO, Director, Clinical Operations with the San Antonio Military Health System.

These four incoming members join returning EC members Dr. Louis Agnese, Jelynne LeBlanc Burley, Steven Davis, MD, Walt Downing, Phil Faris, Dr. Randy Goldsmith, William Henrich, MD, Dr. Bruce Leslie, Jeff Ruiz, and Kenneth Trevett, along with ex officio members Mayor Julian Castro, Judge Nelson Wolff, Henry Cisneros, Richard Perez, and John Wisniewski. (See for the organizations and sectors these individuals represent)

Of the four newly created seats approved by BioMed SA members in December, Fallen holds the one designated for specialty health services providers. The three other new seats - designated for bioscience firms, the community at large, and any membership category other than military - will be filled by the Executive Committee during the year based on a strategic assessment of the needs of the organization.

2013 Initiatives to Support Continuing Sector Growth
Trevett, beginning his third year as Chair, proposed three 2013 initiatives at the group's Annual Meeting in December to support the continuing growth and momentum of San Antonio's biomedical sector.

The first is to double BioMed SA's budget of approximately $500,000 a year to enable the organization to better promote the community as an excellent place for biomedical companies, hospitals, clinics, and research organizations to carry on their work.

"I suggest that all elements of the community need to participate in this revenue-raising process, not just governments and not just existing member organizations," said Trevett. To bolster this effort, he announced plans to pursue changing BioMed SA's non-profit status from a 501c(6) organization to a 501c(3) to make the organization eligible for philanthropic grants and donations.

A second initiative is to improve the local biomedical industry's access to venture capital to adequately leverage the wealth of intellectual property being generated by the city's academic, clinical, and commercial organizations. He announced plans to convene a planning group, with the help of local biomedical investor John Kerr, to explore ways to attract additional venture capital to the community, while supporting existing capital sources.

Trevett's final initiative is to attract additional research dollars into the sector by maximizing collaboration among many of the city's research and clinical organizations. He proposes to form consortia in one or more of San Antonio's recognized areas of biomedical strength as identified by BioMed SA - including diabetes, military/regenerative medicine, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, and cancer - in order to approach the biopharmaceutical and medical technology industry with joint research proposals.

"The power of synergy would then be employed to attract additional research dollars to the city at a time when companies are outsourcing more of their R&D, product pipelines are dramatically insufficient, and continuing federal constraints on research dollars are inevitable," said Trevett. "It is my hope that we can implement at least one such initiative during the next 12 months."

As Trevett told Annual Meeting attendees, "BioMed SA is the vehicle by which this city promotes its extraordinary capacity in biomedicine. Furthermore, we have served as an honest broker in supporting multi-organizational initiatives and have also played a role in recruiting new companies to San Antonio. We can and will continue to do so. But just like this city, we can do so much more. Let us look beyond our present success. Let us rise to the challenge of opportunity. Let our growing stature be the foundation, rather than the capstone, of future success."

About BioMed SA
BioMed SA is a non-profit, membership-based organization, supported in part by the City of San Antonio. Its mission is to organize and promote San Antonio’s healthcare and biosciences assets to accelerate growth of the sector and enhance San Antonio’s reputation as a City of Science and Health. The city’s healthcare and bioscience industry has added more than 40,000 net new jobs over the past decade, significantly fueling San Antonio’s growth and employing more than one out of every six members of the city’s workforce. As America’s seventh largest city, San Antonio is a community that embraces science and medicine. Its vibrant health care and bioscience industry, a dominant force in the city’s economy with an annual economic impact exceeding $29 billion, combines unique assets and a diversity of resources with a collaborative spirit that is making a global impact on science and health. More information available at

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