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6th grade inventors vie for international award
February 17, 2012

SAN ANTONIO - By Isis Romero, KSAT 12

A local group of sixth graders are doing something quite impressive with their free time: they're entering an international competition in hopes of manufacturing a new type of microwave.

The Randomists, comprised of 5 local sixth graders, will compete for the First Lego League Global Innovation Award, by researching and inventing a product dealing with food safety. Click here to view KSAT video clip.

"After doing many experiments, we found that a microwave heats up food, it doesn't cook food," said team member Nia. "Food might not get to the correct temperature which doesn't kill all the bacteria which can make you sick."

The team has invented something called a TIM, or thermal image microwave. The idea is to use thermal imaging to make sure food is properly cooked.

"With our microwave, you would enter the temperature, instead of a time, and with thermal imaging you could see your food, and just how hot it really was," said Evan, one of the team members.

The Randomists are the only team in San Antonio to enter their invention for the Global Innovation Award.

The grand prize winner will get to see their invention professionally developed and produced.

But even if they don't win, these kids say, their experience has been rewarding in itself.

"These will help show our idea to the world," said team member Madelyne. "It will help bring awareness to food safety, so that people will now what's actually happening."

To vote for the Randomists, click here.


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