San Antonio Hub To Foster Pediatric Medical Device Development

By Iris Gonzalez, Startups San Antonio The San Antonio-Austin hub of a pediatric medical device consortium ...

InCube, VelocityTX Join Work to Develop Pediatric Medical Devices

By David Holley, Xconomy Texas San Antonio—A group of San Antonio institutions are getting involved ...


August 8, 2013

Time: 7:30 - 9:00 AM

Location: Omni Colonnade, 9821 Colonnade Blvd., San Antonio

Presented by: Texas CEO Magazine

In the past, business incubation depended on real estate to succeed - those who were close in proximity connected and thrived and those who weren't - lost out.

Today, the rules of success in incubating new businesses have changed and innovation ecosystems have taken the place of real estate. The players in this ecosystem are expert generalists who bring together openness to new experiences, a need for cognition and a deep knowledge base.

In his Harvard Business Review blog post last year UT Professor Art Markman described an innovation ecosystem as, "New companies, experienced business leaders, faculty researchers, government officials, established technology companies, and investors connecting with a wealth of technical expertise, business experience, and access to capital to support innovation in the early stages of growth."

How is the innovation ecosystem fostering growth in the life sciences sector in San Antonio? Is there a central structure? Or as Markman suggests, does a loosely-coupled structure with direct connections actually help create a culture of innovation? Is this innovation ecosystem applicable to other industries - and if so, how?

Join us as we look at SA's innovation ecosystem from the inside out and what you can learn to apply to your business and your industry.


Art Markman, Professor of Psychology and Marketing, University of Texas at Austin

Phil Faris, Executive Chairman of Innovative Trauma Care

Randy Goldsmith, President & CEO at The Texas Technology Development Center

Ed Davis, Executive Director, San Antonio Economic Development Corporation

Paul Castella, Ph.D., Co-founder, Incyte Venture Partners



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